Is it art or foto?

There is a foto ispirated it to Van Gogh painting’s, why today we talk about fo art and of the Place du Forum, viz th paint in question it. Because the foto is so beautifull that leave to traspire because Van Gogh was to coiche the Place du Forum for to paint this painting and because in which to thousands terrace Van Gogh was choice just that terrace. The rìterrace is French but is similar a parisien terrace’s but not one whatever. The lights, the shadows, blur if not blind the wiev of landscape, this becasue the magic of light and shadow convey the colors so strong that at the sight not it success to see. But is mostly the calm to road that to permise at the colors to not have to hupper hand.  That the quiet and calm seem immobile and then the unique color that it to moves is that of light and shadow. Thank you Van Gogh.

Look the foto:jhgb