To Rome with love

What tell you? First that to Rome its really good food, there is the good kitchen everywhere, i eat the Carbonara the speciality food of Rome, and its very good, but you can eat everything to pizza at salumi. For how it concern my permanets, i can to saying which the first day i have think only at to eating. But the true verity and only after day, is begining the my travel, one because in the drawing political room roman, their don’t to be enter, :D, because of the We Movement, but in the after days i have like the lifestyle of Via Veneto, and Trastevere. There is good food like already to tell, good people, well dressed, and there is good coming and going, pub in Trastevere full, and its great hotbed in Via Veneto to “The great beauty”. Unique regret is the Colosseo… Its inflazionated too, almost look it in everywhere, foto, tv and internet, almost is really inflazioneted, infact i don’t going it, and maybe i do better… This is the lifestory.

Look you at least time, under moon: