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Okay Guys! It blog is bit site of esclusive free information, had 5 years and I want a keep a high-quality of notice, I can’t leave large scale of visitator, It must be ordinary in visit and lead page, not the triple of vist page and quadruple of lead page, because it the blog are destinity of failure, the mine exist again, It blog is famous e much intelligent, while I can do: Had from twitter and facebook with 5.000 and 100.000 follower dune, had 10.000 visitator, 30.000 visit page, and 3 page lead, here! But it the blog don’t next live. I’m charge to 3.000, 3.000, and 1 rispectively page mine, yours and ours. The client are journalist, business man, intellettuals and noble of course… . The blog don’t have the regular aurea that other a good idea! Will be an good treasue! Bye! Thank You very much! This is also La Pure Alchimie.

Carbonry statement

The Carboneria appears in the first papers in all the Orders. If previously it was known that it was a secret organization that fought through the use of paramilitary techniques, now we know that this organization born in the 19th century is increasingly becoming the Emperor’s staff. If before he used the East India Company to move and wage war with his ideological enemies, it has now been completely replaced with the passage of the East India Company to its Genoese ally. Not to forget that this organisation, from what can be seen from the papers, continued to fight and not just a few hours ago it was written in all the Aristocratic Circles it was called and signed with the name of Mafia, we’ll see! This is la Pure Alchimie, Thank you!

Modern Holy Romane Empire

Empire born from the ashes of the old Empire fallen after the First World War and expansion of the already existing one that bore the name of the Empire of the Sun, the Emperor organized the Empire as a modern mercantilist elected democracy by combining the founding principles of Emperor Frederick II with those of the Venetian Republic, in which various degrees of organization operate successively within it, including a Court made up of Valencian and Ligurian patricians, represented by the well-known Borja and Doria dynasties, followed by the Emperor’s family which leads the Name of the Caracciolo, followed by the Tudor ‘praetorians’ of the ancient Tudor house, nevertheless there will be the Emperor’s most loyal hierarchs in the Movement as the Emperor’s bureaucracy. This is lapurealchimie, thank you very much!!!

Empire Modern

After lapurealchimie affaire told how circles develop in states of law, the time has come to talk about Empires given the moment, Empires develop after the ‘Napoleonic period’ with the Freemasons born with the birth of the Enlightenment to bring the Directed by France to develop in all states through the control of the markets that at the beginning of the French Revolution were ‘apples and fodder’ until arriving in recent times with the Movement for technological products of Silicon Valley and Palo Alto. The Empires are therefore chosen by Freemasonry but those who carry out their requests are the Nobles who take over the reins with the Directory, which serves precisely ‘to develop the market economy’ in the country hosting the Empire. While this is not the only role of Freemasonry, it is still worth remembering. lapurealchimie.


Things to clarify: the media include TV, newspapers and radio through publishing houses and media antennas, when they entered the Ancien Régime 15 years ago, they had the support of flows after 15 years of media and magisterial processes, they involved its diffusion as well as ordinary work therefore Commonwealth and logic of belonging. The moment I found myself without them, I had to make a work of art out of an emergency, so online newspapers plus TVs made their way into the media first, then search engines as well as blogs so that sites also they are part of the means of communication accepted by all therefore also emails and social networks like this one that we have a lodge and flows to move then? Same as me!!! And the novelty of the moment that if everything is in the form ‘of sip’ and “before suggestion” I too have, my in spite of form <> which in this case will be archived as Modern Society before TV, newspapers and radio for contemporary times as well as the discovery of how to make information on your own.

Magno Andrea
Imperatore D’Italia

Vip Under Attack

As you know, the site has changed and has two more sections, one is luxury, the other is indiscretions, my agency Caffe Express, participated as the absolute protagonist in the resistance of the Star System against an unprecedented attack by a slice of Jewish ghettos in stalking against Vip and Star for not being able to feel better than them. The dissidents participated in the elitist and urban worldliness by profaning any good rule of civilization by slamming doors, sitting at the same tables and strolling around as if they were celebrities, a pity that the everything was done in front of the photographers and cameras of the media unable to do a service without having strangers between their legs stamping on their feet, reason and historical reason is the control of the media. This is lapurealchimie, thank you very much!

About Box family na

I wanted to let you know that among my works there is that of a Studio, a Club, and a famous Agency, as written in the Bio, they are equivalent of the blog where Hollywood, Uefa, Manhattan’s ruling class, knightly orders, and religious. If you want to take a look there are some locations to inform you … if you are on this blog and you know what it is about you can also start to inform yourself and contact if you want … This is La Pure Alchimie …!

Don’t touch my limit

King of Wall Street (Royal collection) and Boss West Naples.

Mafia Core

Why can’t you stay outside a boss’s house for the codes of honour, because according to mafia rules, whoever comes from outside and does it anyway means they are accusing the other of not having complied with all the rules, then? Of having transgressed at least one of the stringent rules that the mafia has. According to some, therefore, it is not a coincidence that the Jewish or the Italian mafia clashed instead of in the street, right outside their temples, accusing each other of violated rules as presumed by the war carried out by a certain type of conspiratorial and speculative crime such as the Italian one and instead banking and finance such as the Jewish and Israeli one. I’m back! This is La Pure Alchimie! BLog-siTE.

the blog!

The blog has had a dramatic drop in entries, the bandwidth has remained the same, and even the pages visited have not increased the number of visits. Despite everything, my news tells you who to look for the news, where to find it and why, being a blog that doesn’t even make news on your magazines and newspapers but history of the news. At the moment all the stories I tell have a foundation to be sought not to say that I was the first to give them and etc…
If my blog goes wrong it is important to know it scientifically because it means that I did something wrong but since I didn’t find anything wrong even after and during the activated comments, I would ask you for a plausible explanation. Thank you! Otherwise I close it.

State and Nuclear of Israel

I know it was a lie the lodge of the State of Israel in Naples also the nuclear devices that were taken away after the war against Israel again by the Neapolitans by giving two to the Austrian Empire, a great friend and sponsor of the Neapolitans against Israel. This is lapurealchimie. Lifestories.

The Gardens Vatican’s

The Vatican gardens behind St. Peter’s Church are the true specialty of our Pope, … but who knows? Never alone in the company of the best representatives of the C.E.I. the new Pope who like every Pontifical it is almost impossible to notice at night it is known that instead he does not fail to stop in the gardens after 8 with his favorite cardinals and archbishops until 10.00 accompanied by a goodnight meal waiting for 13 which is customary of the Argentine Pope going to sleep with a good book in Italian especially on Italian politics, a detail not overlooked, on the Italian Years of Lead in particular especially if in France, Red Brigade members aside. This is life stories, friends! Thank you very much.

Italy Imperialism

The ship Italy has embarked the Senate for this new imperialist adventure if before the policy was very careful to look at its propaganda new missions from irredentist flavor then something has really changed in recent years, the fact is the Neapolitan Empire which it had to be has changed shape with the intervention of the Roman-Italian Senate that wanted to give salt to this initiative with the approval of the Papal Church.

Final Game

Game Over

It is official Israel and its Jewish lobby have lost the war that in recent years have kept us glued to the monitor, and to the rumors that were circulating. They say that not even the State of Israel is destined to save itself. The final wars waged in recent days have convinced the Jews and Israelis to withdraw, the rumors that are running around in the newspapers these days, of future elections called by Benjamin Bennett, convince us even more that this is the case. Never before have the silences of AIPAC and those of the United States foreshadowed a possible revenge against Israel’s enemies. With the closure of hostilities, and the opening of new international scenarios, we can only hope that the movements that in recent years have been keen to give us representation even among the youngest, can continue to do so in other official offices, including those of NGOs and the United Nations. Let’s pray! Also this is life story pillar. Thank!

Vietnam Of Israel

A showdown has been fought in Africa, like the one we have heard about in recent months without the newspapers writing a word! Americans, Chinese, South Americans and Middle Easterners, yesterday, opened an escalation against Israel by opening a casus belli in Sinai for the control of Solomon’s lobby in Jewish quotation marks, on who should decide the fate of business policy, and pan.. The Europeans did not participate, but declared themselves arbiters of the conflict. Only the Egyptians did not take sides by opening an imperialist policy at home still semi-unknown to the greats. The war resulted in the defeat of the Jewish state but today perhaps another armed escalation is expected. A war that described seems to have been an African war without the newspapers and TV needing to verify given the geographical circumstance of the ongoing conflict. Thank you very much, these are life stories too!

Oh! C.C. Miami!

Pure Alchimie goes back to ancient times to tell you a story of a few hours ago, A.E. arrived in Miami in the early afternoon, went into a bar, had a coffee, in front of there was a Superenalotto betting shop, took a coupon, went back to the bar, put the coupon on the table, the controlled smoking a rolled cigarette, then the shot and said the watermark is not good, he got up from the table, took the ticket with him, walked all the way down the street, crossed without seeing the traffic lights and the cars, showed the ticket to the cars in passing he stopped in the middle of the road where the intersection is, he took the ticket he rolled it up to show it maybe we will never know, then he changed his mind and he took it and started tearing it again one piece at a time until he started crossing again and threw the papers in the garbage, and left. I know you’re asking, he was in the jewish neighborhood of Miami Beach.

Empire Of Israel State

Hey Dear? The last news is very appoint for blogg-er, Israel last two years become an empire state build skyscraperin New York until the Netanyah resigned. Bennett shadow-man of Britain government, is invitate to forming a government for reassure after the wars of We Movement and actual Climate Change. The Abraham Agreement arrived lat doing to keep the Israel in to the state of rights. For a Movement it which even the Jewis religion had come into question. Continuous….

Three Empire

When Napoleon fight the great yours war, his not think that in Africa in front of Ethiopia, South Africa, and Congo want to decide to command to masonry survive to discendets from Negus Ethiopia family, as written to Wikipedia, after the devastated to Israel with Abraham Accord, for to mension Bibble in you agreement. They are months that which Israel not speak about at papers in the world. That doing that wrote on Wiki is about normal. Why?… Also the life stories column.

Scandals in the Indian government

Why all these scandals in the Indian government? A few months ago I was in New Delhi passing through India I had to arrive in Tibet to make excursions with the Tibetan monks, but decided to confirm that the student movements of the last 12 years have not taken root Indian politics which has remained intact, hierontocratic as well as oligarchic all the while, I stopped for a while to think, so for two months, connected to the student movements during a blogging class at the University of Bangalore, I was able to make an appointment with the New Delhi Times, to find out if the Indian government had something to say about youth labor problem in India. But it was not so, the Times not very faithful to the war from Bangalore decided to help me from New Delphi but as written above. After two months of research with the students of the student movement and the journalists of the newspaper, we discovered that the Modì government systematically does not allow information rights to enter the constitutional charter they are reconstructing. And I, who found myself there determined to investigate their scandals, as reported above, I re-proposed with the help of Google reaserch, what the government would be like if it were normally, published in all foreign newspapers, a Berlusconi-like government, practically, with constitutional rights. Below what should be or will be published in the future, in Italian by my friends from Google Reaserch! In small, if you want you can contact me for the tests!

Jews Vs Neapolitan

There was a war between the highest hierarchies of the European and American establishment, which involved different sides and saw Jews against Neapolitans, in the same categories, another war had already been fought between the Jewish student movements against the Italians, but this time the war has grown above all by involving any position of power. The Jews played at home with Israel on their side and the Neapolitans did the same with Napoli. The entire war played out in New York ended up being fought with the Neapolitans in Israel, who used planes and trains to keep up with the Jews in Jerusalem. This war that also saw the clergy of both sides take to the field, even under economic and cultural nuances, with the Neapolitans who won the best titles in the world representing their studies, in America and then New York, the Jews who started with vigorous advantage were overwhelmed by the strength and reputation of the Neapolitan studios. By giving the discovery a novelty, the studios, however little known, can truly beat any New York City banker. The struggle has passed more through politics where the Neapolitans have had an easy life with the many mayors that New York has had in recent years despite the municipality of Mayor Bloomberg, (remember that the mayor of New York is Bill De Blasio of Beneventano of origin near Naples) The battle that lasted a few weeks saw the Neapolitans overcome any claim of superiority of the leadership by dynastic or birth only, as only environmental factor and speaking of the climate of these times, the Jews, I say that as a Neapolitan are not the best than any imperialist victory Perhaps it was better to play with our Italian compatriots before making decisions that could have involved any hierarchy of state that could have really put us in difficult conditions. Thanks so much! This is also the life story column.

In a globalized world, what does it mean to be a fascist or an anarchist

From the latest papers that I have found, I had the pleasure of discovering what globalization means without involving politics. Among the many deductions that can be deduced (under the sheet)the first discovery is that the communist and capitalist periods are still in the process of self-research to say that communism is dead, as is fascism. Both ideologies are not yet structured enough to be defined free, from any extremist heritage, of that origin. In the past we have seen very little ideologies and it is difficult to understand when they were born in order to be able to define it as a temporal cultural heritage. That you remember only at the time of the Roman Republic there was talk of political alignments and then the scrutiny could only tell you if you were a good Optimate or a good Populares, then you know how it ended! So if you want to make a definition of rebirth or enlightenment involvement, you should understand if possible to get rid of an ideology such as communism that had among its intellectual and revolutionary ideologists such as Carl Marx and Lenin perhaps before considering any intellectual breakdown of the last century perhaps we should start involving more personalities of this caliber before thinking that we can do without it to emerge from the limbo in which we have immersed ourselves. This is also the story of life. Thank you very much!


What does it mean to be a hipster without wanting to know where they come from?As you know I have already written an article on the new forms of political belonging! Yesterday represented by the club of your home county and today it has become a real political exhibition. Wanting to hide any form of my political affiliation, and joking with hipsters without wanting to deny my story. Yes, every hipsters have an idea of ??its meaning. But without meaning and without relevance to current reality. Today, hipster is undoubtedly a new belonging to new ideologies and therefore difficult to frame in a globalist and international such as this one that frames everything that has won since at least the post-war period in a precise sociological union and confindustria context. The hipster in this context takes place in a sector that everyone is talking about but and everyone wants to know about START-UP. If the hippies were the engineers of Silicon Valley, they are the so-called entrepreneurs of Palo Alto STARTUPPER! In an institutional context in which you would like to identify them, they are d ecologists and alternative but very similar to a right that is always emerging like those that could be those of Boris Johnson, Sarkozy, or Matteo Renzi della Leopolda and his foundation for the most politically aligned generations. In fact, their forms of politicization pass in the shoes of young people who love participation but never get involved in the hooks of institutions. Having said that we conclude by summarizing them in a nice alternative alongside hipsters or hippies, of which we can find great representations that expressed in the people which continue their initiatives in representatives such as Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, actors Shia Labeouf and singer Bruno Mars and I, but only you can do. Also this Is the lifestory column. Thank you very much!

How does it become Siteblog?

How to become La Pure Alchimie, but above all because we are not like the newspapers but like the Pulitzer! Cit. Huffington.

Fortunately, before I joined the studio I was already an established professional, my passion for blogging despite working with newspapers and journalists, did not stop me from working to train Blogger Studios! So I set out to find out why after 20, bloggers were failing but above all because they were unable to become sources for information!Thus he discovered that the real problem to be mentioned was the new technologies where they were born! If on the one hand they had invented them, on the other they were killing them! So I asked the only question after a few days that had to be done without revealing the cards! What is the biggest problem you encounter every day? The answer was straightforward: Spam! Thus it was that the problem was put to harvest a little at a time, up to La Pure Alchimie, up to the invention of the Studios, the Records, the producers of online content, the SITEBLOG !!! And since then, as you know, I did it too! Below a caption of how I managed to beat spam! In Italian for the occasion! :

Hooligan, Ultras, Sporting Fun, and Then?

What do you want to call them, if you do not mince words and think that I am still pure chemistry and I write all attached; then we want to say something! In the 1990s the ultras, hooligans or fun were not the same as they are now. Society has changed, cities have changed, politics has changed, but what about the ultras? Yes, they too have changed but not like us … Currently in a hyperastronomic future, everything that changes is the only thing that changes, the rest follows in the wake. And the ultras who are part of this world make no difference, they too have made a trail, changing without following the trail of anyone else. From the 1980s to now, the ultras no longer seem the same social movement, even changing its name to the universal ultras, which for a movement born in England from children of Ireland was not at all easy. At the moment the movement is in good health, it has not remained to watch the movements to come, nor has it been in the past years, as we all know, it has sided with any movement in existence, in progress and in circulation, has not given up on being always ideally violent but changed his face in the various vicissitudes that have alternated, supporting from time to time, the battles they had from time to time, found it easy to catch sight of their ideological grievances. With this done, today being an ultras, is no longer accused of extremism by everyone, the movement is perceived as a democratic vulnus, which has now found its directional arrow, and whose attitudes still have something of relevance to democracy but not to violence for pure stance. So we just have to ask ourselves a question, what is the next move of the movement? Staying of the same opinion until now, no longer demonstrates the same durability, even a movement like yours needs to change, despite the old leaders in prison or thrown out. Changing face has its beautiful reference but sooner or later it must change into something new, otherwise what has already happened to other violent movements like yours is close, or the end or another beginning, but this time we have Nazism and Stalinism already had, and the political option on the horizon of your experiences now seems too late! Let us know! We are ready to write it! Also this is lifestory pillar! Thank you very much!

Economic and political overview of the last 20 years

The overview studies in hand also of those who have been part of it tell us how the political industrial system has changed. In this case, the work was closed into three categories: W.A.S.P., communists and the famous “partners”. The former were direct heirs of the American hippie culture, considered beautiful, young and rampant, the latter were all the intellectual establishment that worked in the famous international newspapers such as New York Times, Financial Times, or The Guardian / Le Mondé, specialized magazines such as Economist, and Time. In this period, however, another culture was added catalysing, that of the alternatives, if the former were proponents as well as proud clerics of settling and homologating living standards. The latter were the proud opponents of it. This new category of intellectuals and entrepreneurs do not want to feel represented by a single way of union representation but wants to choose it according to where they best satisfy their interests. These famous new workers, very often children of a culture daughter of the American dream and they come from the proletariat but have had a life path that has led them to grow up as newcomers children of an America that no longer exists, has preferred to reinvent itself rather than being faced with the difficult choice of having to take sides, choosing realities not yet registered within the trade union categories in vogue such as confindustrie and workers’ acronyms. Their class of belonging is given by the great American and Anglo-Saxon culture of consulting firms, McKenzy, Hernest & Young, Boston Club and many more. And very often by joining as partners, this allows him to set up his own business by opening large consulting firms themselves and if not companies same for which they worked. This category of defined non-aligned people have chosen their path and it will still be hard to declare the fateful sentence: In life you always take sides! This Is a life story pillar!

New, news, miu miu

I really closed the site in a short time, I changed the theme design of the site again, join, the old first theme and last theme designs, I’m thinking of monetizing the blog on very private topics with a newsletter … what do you say do you agree?

In the meantime, I am writing to you how the now famous hipsters are made. / market + sale ‘: money, that’s it !

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Hi guys, after a few weeks without writing I needed to update the site, by now reading has become mature and I needed to go back to the past a bit without canceling all the news that had been made in the last two years, so first of all I put back the name with which I had started the blogsite without losing its original imprint, which is that of being a blog, in addition I had to update the old management programs of the site because by now it had become a bit cumbersome, and risked a “lockdown” of the site. Lastly, I improved the design to make the site lighter and faster to load. However, the fact is that the site has gone back a little to the old style without losing its current polish, but unfortunately there have been some expenses, and I, if you want, have made available an email, on the study page to finance this expense. or to be able to finance them in the future, so as to always keep it as you know it now. I embrace you and greet you as always, thank you very much, these are also life stories.

People from New York

First friendly shopping street

Hey! You know, I’ve been writing more in the last few weeks. Anyway, I want you to know more about my work at the studio. I finished a project on a Barcelona road, where I decided to take a “friendly shopping street” on one of the most commercial streets in the world. All shoopping streets are for shopping but there are discos, bars or walks to do, but I with the help of the locals, to whom I asked to sign on the project I turned a street like Via Montenapoleone into a friendly social street, where when you go shopping you can also sit on a bench stop drinking , take a walk and above all to do conocences. And now I had the pleasure of making it up to you, it’s called “Paseo de Gracia” in Spain with the district committent partecipation’s. Thank you. This is the Creative Studio Raminghi, just for these times.

P.S .: Hey guy! However, communism is back, and guagiu ‘I hated it, I learned one thing, that you can become models even as a communist, they reinvented themselves within the Communist Party in Russia, a beautiful nobility, to create it work instead of giving it away practically as politicians have become technicians but above all and here comes the worst, not even knowing that it has become from popular and propaganda to something occult and “enlightened”.


Work in Valencia

I learned that after the last posts there is a news that Andrea Esposito has not included in his institutional profile, and what he called Virtual Valencia Forum consists in quotation marks in doing any working Freemasonry in the world, you can start by doing that of the dishwasher up to the UN ambassador, where you can update any knowledge currently in any existing work sector, and know the degrees of work and the existing freemasonry to do, the freemasonery is located in some strategic squares of the city but to be able to use it you must at least being a resident of Valencia city, and this gives you the opportunity to be more competitive on any existing market, that I know of, the management is in the hands of the Valencian Generalitat and the municipality of Valencia, however to learn more you do not need to do anything else become citizens of Valencia. We can however say in closing that Valencia has become the Renaissance Florence of work, thanks also to the others, as you well know, projects already completed in the city of Valencia, already described on the profile of A.E. . This is the lifestory columns. Thank you very much!


But do you know that the movement organized us reactionary uprisings in Valencia led by Andrea Esposito himself ??? Because according to him the movement had taken too much left in revolutionary circles, and to raise the right to power, because according to him in the long run the movement could have initiated a turn to the left and undermined the right for too long. Having done this, rumors had already occurred about a possible and probable attack by the socialist circles in 1968 to mitigate the rumors of a possible overtaking of the boys of the movement by the now ex-1968 people. Having said that, having reached Valencia, Esposito Andrea already had a meeting with the Spanish police and autonomist circles, and was accompanied by the Indignados of Spain. The riots erupt because the sessatottini realize the presence of our leader, and begin to conquer all the cities of our influence such as Seville, Barcelona, ??and Madrid. But when they are about to enter Valencia as the last stronghold, they leave the newly conquered cities uncovered and upon entering the city Andrea Esposito points this out to him, pointing out that the Indignados have noticed and are already occupying them. Once inside, however, the riots take place above all in the El Cabanyal area where it is discovered that the leader of the us movement has ambushed him starting from the Extramurs district with the policemen who came from the north-western area and one from the south-eastern area led by Andrea Esposito same, gypsy / faded traction of the El Cabanyal neighborhood. And the ’68 when they saw the maneuver they immediately understood that it was an ambush, they tried to surrender but the leader Andrea Esposito refused as their retreat could jeopardize the reconquest of the cities lost by the Indignados and therefore he directly hunted in temporary housing, waiting for the developments that later turned out to be completely positive. In any case, from what I know, our leader then stopped in Valencia and decided to live there, while the sixty-eightes returned home, as far as I know, with much emotion from our leader himself. Moreover, you have his profile ….
No today, thank you very much!

Is it the Indignados to cape of movement We?

I’ll tell you a background, the movement before delegating the movement, to Climate change; Andrea Esposito has decided to move the fulcrum of the movement from Italy at to Spain, entrusting in particular the management of the political part to the Indignados, in this case even the Chilean who for him were the ones who distinguished themselves most in resistance and action together with the Turks.


Hey! I’m return, I no writing, this period because I think to look the time, no serious to write for to respect at moment. However the news are two, first that the movement is close definitely, second that I decide to go back to past at writing, as first articles, that of the says of life, because I don’t disturb the silence of movement if they don’t news. The firm meantime go next, I have decideing, is at business consultancy, but the is religion for mine, then it don’t lose, but instead I think to writing more often. And some people writing e says me that the blogsite became famous. I have nothing but to thank you! This lifestory on this articles is dedicated to me and you. Because also talk about us, we tell of lifestories. Thank you very much! Essence of being. Under my photo: