Jews Vs Neapolitan

There was a war between the highest hierarchies of the European and American establishment, which involved different sides and saw Jews against Neapolitans, in the same categories, another war had already been fought between the Jewish student movements against the Italians, but this time the war has grown above all by involving any position of power. The Jews played at home with Israel on their side and the Neapolitans did the same with Napoli. The entire war played out in New York ended up being fought with the Neapolitans in Israel, who used planes and trains to keep up with the Jews in Jerusalem. This war that also saw the clergy of both sides take to the field, even under economic and cultural nuances, with the Neapolitans who won the best titles in the world representing their studies, in America and then New York, the Jews who started with vigorous advantage were overwhelmed by the strength and reputation of the Neapolitan studios. By giving the discovery a novelty, the studios, however little known, can truly beat any New York City banker. The struggle has passed more through politics where the Neapolitans have had an easy life with the many mayors that New York has had in recent years despite the municipality of Mayor Bloomberg, (remember that the mayor of New York is Bill De Blasio of Beneventano of origin near Naples) The battle that lasted a few weeks saw the Neapolitans overcome any claim of superiority of the leadership by dynastic or birth only, as only environmental factor and speaking of the climate of these times, the Jews, I say that as a Neapolitan are not the best than any imperialist victory Perhaps it was better to play with our Italian compatriots before making decisions that could have involved any hierarchy of state that could have really put us in difficult conditions. Thanks so much! This is also the life story column.


Hi guys, after a few weeks without writing I needed to update the site, by now reading has become mature and I needed to go back to the past a bit without canceling all the news that had been made in the last two years, so first of all I put back the name with which I had started the blogsite without losing its original imprint, which is that of being a blog, in addition I had to update the old management programs of the site because by now it had become a bit cumbersome, and risked a “lockdown” of the site. Lastly, I improved the design to make the site lighter and faster to load. However, the fact is that the site has gone back a little to the old style without losing its current polish, but unfortunately there have been some expenses, and I, if you want, have made available an email, on the study page to finance this expense. or to be able to finance them in the future, so as to always keep it as you know it now. I embrace you and greet you as always, thank you very much, these are also life stories.

First friendly shopping street

Hey! You know, I’ve been writing more in the last few weeks. Anyway, I want you to know more about my work at the studio. I finished a project on a Barcelona road, where I decided to take a “friendly shopping street” on one of the most commercial streets in the world. All shoopping streets are for shopping but there are discos, bars or walks to do, but I with the help of the locals, to whom I asked to sign on the project I turned a street like Via Montenapoleone into a friendly social street, where when you go shopping you can also sit on a bench stop drinking , take a walk and above all to do conocences. And now I had the pleasure of making it up to you, it’s called “Paseo de Gracia” in Spain with the district committent partecipation’s. Thank you. This is the Creative Studio Raminghi, just for these times.

P.S .: Hey guy! However, communism is back, and guagiu ‘I hated it, I learned one thing, that you can become models even as a communist, they reinvented themselves within the Communist Party in Russia, a beautiful nobility, to create it work instead of giving it away practically as politicians have become technicians but above all and here comes the worst, not even knowing that it has become from popular and propaganda to something occult and “enlightened”.


Work in Valencia

I learned that after the last posts there is a news that Andrea Esposito has not included in his institutional profile, and what he called Virtual Valencia Forum consists in quotation marks in doing any working Freemasonry in the world, you can start by doing that of the dishwasher up to the UN ambassador, where you can update any knowledge currently in any existing work sector, and know the degrees of work and the existing freemasonry to do, the freemasonery is located in some strategic squares of the city but to be able to use it you must at least being a resident of Valencia city, and this gives you the opportunity to be more competitive on any existing market, that I know of, the management is in the hands of the Valencian Generalitat and the municipality of Valencia, however to learn more you do not need to do anything else become citizens of Valencia. We can however say in closing that Valencia has become the Renaissance Florence of work, thanks also to the others, as you well know, projects already completed in the city of Valencia, already described on the profile of A.E. . This is the lifestory columns. Thank you very much!


But do you know that the movement organized us reactionary uprisings in Valencia led by Andrea Esposito himself ??? Because according to him the movement had taken too much left in revolutionary circles, and to raise the right to power, because according to him in the long run the movement could have initiated a turn to the left and undermined the right for too long. Having done this, rumors had already occurred about a possible and probable attack by the socialist circles in 1968 to mitigate the rumors of a possible overtaking of the boys of the movement by the now ex-1968 people. Having said that, having reached Valencia, Esposito Andrea already had a meeting with the Spanish police and autonomist circles, and was accompanied by the Indignados of Spain. The riots erupt because the sessatottini realize the presence of our leader, and begin to conquer all the cities of our influence such as Seville, Barcelona, ??and Madrid. But when they are about to enter Valencia as the last stronghold, they leave the newly conquered cities uncovered and upon entering the city Andrea Esposito points this out to him, pointing out that the Indignados have noticed and are already occupying them. Once inside, however, the riots take place above all in the El Cabanyal area where it is discovered that the leader of the us movement has ambushed him starting from the Extramurs district with the policemen who came from the north-western area and one from the south-eastern area led by Andrea Esposito same, gypsy / faded traction of the El Cabanyal neighborhood. And the ’68 when they saw the maneuver they immediately understood that it was an ambush, they tried to surrender but the leader Andrea Esposito refused as their retreat could jeopardize the reconquest of the cities lost by the Indignados and therefore he directly hunted in temporary housing, waiting for the developments that later turned out to be completely positive. In any case, from what I know, our leader then stopped in Valencia and decided to live there, while the sixty-eightes returned home, as far as I know, with much emotion from our leader himself. Moreover, you have his profile ….
No today, thank you very much!

Is it the Indignados to cape of movement We?

I’ll tell you a background, the movement before delegating the movement, to Climate change; Andrea Esposito has decided to move the fulcrum of the movement from Italy at to Spain, entrusting in particular the management of the political part to the Indignados, in this case even the Chilean who for him were the ones who distinguished themselves most in resistance and action together with the Turks.


Hey! I’m return, I no writing, this period because I think to look the time, no serious to write for to respect at moment. However the news are two, first that the movement is close definitely, second that I decide to go back to past at writing, as first articles, that of the says of life, because I don’t disturb the silence of movement if they don’t news. The firm meantime go next, I have decideing, is at business consultancy, but the is religion for mine, then it don’t lose, but instead I think to writing more often. And some people writing e says me that the blogsite became famous. I have nothing but to thank you! This lifestory on this articles is dedicated to me and you. Because also talk about us, we tell of lifestories. Thank you very much! Essence of being. Under my photo:

It’s official

It’s official, La Pure Alchimie or the ramingo, like the people call me, after the two travel in three months, has decide of remain in Spain, in Valencia, at opens a studio. After that i take the train, to Naples at Milan, to have stayed in a hostel for an one week, traveled in bus until to Marsiglia, being in hotel of the station train for 3 nights, when instead a bus which to going to Barcellona, i went in Barcellona, and from there, went in definitely to Valencia. In Valencia i find a home, and after a little time i have decide of open a studio. My studio is consultancy, take care it, at consumer goods, communication. The name likely, you have understood what is it, there are the name on the homepage, anyway thank you, see you next time, also today we closed with: this is lifestory colonne, thank you very much!

What do I did in this period?

What do I did in this period?

Hello, is to little time that I not wrote to post, but like I do it, I have doing to travel for discovery a little of my past, in that to passing my time to work movement, I had to understand like has change the word after We Movement, and between a travel to Milan and one in Valencia where I do as my cousins, I decide to going to over life. And after a short period to my housing, I’m left Naples, and now stayed in Milan in a hostel for one week, where I do experience, for to knowing to envairoment and enjoy to travel, and after I think to work in Valencia same’s, for six or seven months for to study a bit Spanish a to do one or two course of updating mostly of blog and writing. And to fine to going to Barcelona and living there. Where I reaserch to collaboration, but without sell or denaturalize the blog or my post. However to last time in Milan I do it…

This is the lifestory colonne, essence of being to last indiscretion. Thank you very much!


Something special

You remember which I stayed in Milan something days ago, after I’ have going in Genova and theme I stayed other two o three days, in to I look the city always my mother, to tell that Genova seem Napoli; It has the same historical center but to different Napoli is that to at Genova the center is living to wealthy instead to Napoli the historical part is living to popular people including the famous “mariuoli”, little thieves where there the young boy which to put the brik in the pack, the famous “pacco” that is other that fraud, however the walk in Genova is been pleasurable. After with boat I stayed in Barcelona and also here I’m to doing to another three or four days to spend my time at to walk and look the city, where I’have to do mode of to think my 10’s at to work the We Movement, and I must say which the these days, it give me mode to think that my 10’s years are be very intensive and also I have no can, to going in travel or to pass my time with my old friends or to going out at drink beer, and you believe me is difficulty and heave, it has to do to all leave for to dedicating soul and body at cause. It’s heave to fine of my travel to Barcelona, if I must had to come back, I no renounce nothing of these I do, and nay I’ll do another yet and yet once again, however I stay in Valencia, at almost a week and I stay with my cousins to do binge, meanwhile the Indignados have become We Movement to that they had an affiliation (indiscretion of article) and but between somedays I leave to Valencia and going to Madrid and … . Thank you very much this is the lifestory.


Eh, eh, eh… .

Ehi! Ehi! In holiday!

Hello! I stayed in holiday, with my mother, i’leave my city of Naples, two or tree days ago, and after five hours of train now to two days ago, i’m stayed in Milan, where between to a rumble and another, i walking Milan, where you already know, I’have doing an exursus on my experience to Milan during the beginning of We Movement at Milan,  (where i had a classmate of all initial members of We Movement and this is the post indiscretion personal of the day) and also first of We Movement where, i trasfert it for studying, on University State of Milan. An a period very happy which I have mode to remember and forget as they have do all boys and girls of We Movement, for to open a new period of theme life, but nothing never leave! I think to stayed in Milan another two or tree days for after go parted in Marsiglia, after Barcellona and in fine to Valencia, and its … .

Thank you very much, this is the lifestory.



Sorry for waiting

Sorry! It’s a little time that i don’t wrote on my blog, but after last post and indiscretion i much had a very congratulation, request and wish of to know, my life and activity in #WeMovement, then i had a period of stop also for reason of holidays, into i decide after a one year of work of to think, what i had in this period, to make a report of my life, after WeMovement and also after my job in finance. And i must say that my period with growh and down has been very goodly and fast. After the my good experience in finance, however where i had way understanding, which it don’t to do for me at to full-time and it suspend me, i understand which in this time this period and this activity i stay very well. And then i decide to continuoes, yet. And also i had to find another job.

Thank you very much! And also this, it’s the lifestory.

Like Andrea Esposito the La pure alchimie

It’s ufficial to Andrea Esposito like the La pure alchime, already i know that A.E. follow me but i don’t tell you for don’t brag because in the We Movement that things don’t exist, but when i see the La pure alchimie in fan page of profile to A.E. i’m a pride, because it had sayd which i action well. One case for which i don’t write in this days is own this, i have think that i can repose, if A.E. have me give this “spot”, and i don’t have much money to available, i think that i can to stay in relax, mostly before of to going in Milan, but now we sayd of question of day, the fan page in A.E. profile are old how the born of his profile, but are grow a little a time with time, but he think that was public but when he discovery which don’t public, he made public immediately not for vanity but for to do know better his, no to been to mass media. And this is also the indiscretion for the post. Thank you very much. This is the lifestory.

This is the new foto of A.E. with his concession.


What to say of strike in may 1?

What say of strike in may 1? We sayd which the are in drop, the may 1, it’s a feast of labour, and then the strike is like had a course different at as we have see in this mounths, if we sayd that the strike are yet important, it difficult to sayd, because before of every strike, there is a forever a reason, and then the strike they will never end, but they don’t organized, they are spontaneous, as the 1 may. However the period of events, as we have in the last 10, 12 years is finish, with We Movement, follow different event strike, but before they born a new events, it will need to wait a new crisis, with like learn the history, and if there is a thing which, we are understand, it is the crisis they don’t finish and they always return. Because is only so that they born a new culture, a new ideology, a new thinks, and with a class dirigent corrupt, they will be forever the new generation which they want to be rappresented, it givin bird a new movement and new leader. Meantime i find a job in facebook with Instant articles, and as soon as i can going in Milan to work, where is there the Modernity of Milan, and there, he will be also Andrea Esposito, and this is the indiscretion of post. Thank you very much! This is the lifestory.   


Over 100.000 in 7 months and this Modernity…

I don’t writing to other 1 month, because i arrived to 100.000 followers in less of seven mounths and then i deciding to recover of followers numbers, and now after to have recover i have decide to celebrate my result with you, with this post. I say you, thank you very much, and i sayd you which i’m in preparation to leave Naples and i go to Milan in june or also before, and i say you another indiscretion that with We Movement to Milan is born the new period: The modernity of Milan, and the merit is all of We Movement and all movement borns with this movement, that is destroyd the ancient political regimes, and i will go for to do in mode that this modernity, it can prosperity for all. I don’t hiding which i go also for job, because to Naples i’m no works. Thank you very much! This is the life stories.


The mountain and men

Say what of two alpinists death in Pakistan in that days? I’m not alpinist and i don’t much know of mountain climber, but an opinion i do it. The risk of life, the battle with himself when the cool arrived in more diffucult moments, the continous battles with the mountain, this challange with the mountain and versus himself and mountain, not is like to challange God, as it may seem, the mountain that rappresented the God, the cool of the wrath of God against the alpinist which he tried to challange him, the climb of the force of men aganist the God wrath. All that will do to think, at an eternal battle of good and bed, of the eternal battle for to exit of river force of the difficulty of the life, however what and who will think to aganist the severe wather of nature. But it is just in this moment which tha man nature it riveals and reveals himself and to man, which the eternal battle not is a fights with God or nature, but reveals that that battle is fights with himself, the discover if mountian exist or not exist, and rappresented us, that infinity capacity of men to exit from of tunnel and reveals himself the existence itself of life, God and when mountain. The indiscretion of post, Andrea Esposito don’t love the mountain, he not is the man of sea , he is art-tourist of city. Thank you very much. This is the lifestory.



To 66′ years from his death, John Fitzgerald Kennedy is shown on exposure to Bologna, we look to images, what can say us? Which the Kennedy is other a great politic, that have stop the war Vietnam, he was also a “one man one show”, have to make, a film of the his private life, a film to do of flesh and bone, the flesh of the many women which his to has had, and the bone of the politics,  international politics. The Kennedy dinasty we can sayd, that it have the the unique dinasty really love to world, of right and of left, the dinasty in which not there is the conflict of intersts, the dinasty never dead not even that 22 november of 1962… Thank you very much! This is the lifestory.i-fratelli-kennedy-e-lindon-johnson-by-jacques-lowe-631769