Brexin? Oh yeah!

Why United Kingdom will stayed in European Union? Because the globalized world we don’t ask to a part of us of rest to outside. Rather i think that it ‘ll can a Asian Union, North America Union and so on. We don’t pretending which that someone rested out.  Almost i don’t think that in a free market of which i’m a sufficient sostenitor, no great sostenitor, because we not socialize the losses and privatize the earnings, then i think that the United kindom must staying in European Union. Yestarday in London, there are well 700.000 people to ask no out to European Union, can the governament not answer…

What lack in Africa?

Who sayds in Africa lack thing? I think which in Africa doesn’t lack human capital, doesn’t lack humans history, doesn’t lack the human fantasy. What then lack in Africa for to been like Europe? Lack the mobility as metro, railway, trains, and connections. Left auto, bus, and moto. The better history to travel, the better books, the better love story was born on train. Almost the the trains was been to abbandonated also in west and the airplains or bus not offer the experiance which i find in train like contionus panorama, i find the silence if only sound not noise of wheels of the train tracks, i find the handing of people aimlessly and without answer… . The trains is trailer.

To Nairobi with Dante

To Nairobi wrote the new Divine Commedy, no white ind i’m white, no occidental, i’m occidental and no nothern i’m nothern. I tell this because will can a little anti-occidental, but doesn’t it. But now talk about of Kenya and him culture. In Kenya and in all Africa stayed borning a new culture, that i definiting him, the future culture. Outside, novelists, and black. Almost all novels coming wrote only in Africa, as give him wronge, without battle camp of Africa we find a fertilizer as that african. Here you find ribellions and great joys of life, here you find povery and great riches, and here you find great adventure as that immigration to tell. Where are the novelists?

Is hippy Movement as Kurinji Flower?

Today we talk about of Kurinji flower, but not only, because the Kurinji flower or Neelakurinji, blossoms anytime twenty years, like anytime movement, after we are do the #WeMovement, there are need a new movement, that it take in next the vestiges of old movement and of here the #HippyMovement. Are past ago 10 years of last movement and today like tommorow, we think which the hippy movement can blooms as the Kurinji flower between twenty years. The flower don’t blooms after 12 years without motive, so the hippy movement not grow up without life motive.

Who wants racism?

Someday in Germany to Berlin, there was a manifestation againist the racism and discrimination. The manifestation its dichiereted it for open society and free. Now in Germany there are milion of foreigns, and at least that days ago, Angela Markel tell us which have need of some many workers to Germany. Otherwise the Germany governament as was their, white, anglo-saxon, protestant… . Because their work?!?

You can not have a full beat and a drunken wife.

Stephen Hawking…

Is dead to leaving an study, then he don’t dead but only reinassence, like are reinassence many genius of the past, where it was discovered, your hidden life or hidden private think,  his unfortunately couldn’t leave much to us on your past because stayed on stopped by a disease, but he have leave most plus, because he had leaving, an other study, and he remeber us, which if you don’t volition, you don’t get it… but also if you can’t it, then you can must can. And so it was.

The English Food?

We talk about of the #EnglishFood, otherwise we risk to lose if you also don’t like it, we say which to risk of losing a tradition old of the time the Indian of the Compagnies, where we come imported the spices to India like thé, salt and other. Also if i have the ardent enthusiastic, of the fish and chips, imported to London of the blach men, it’s right that english kichen rise again, also beacause in world globalized, which i’m like to prove all food, you know which laughs if we losing the old and to eat all equal. We losing all samething.

Save Soyuz? Or #WE save Roscosmos

What to saves in truth? The russian agency protagonist together at the N.A.S.A. until 20′ years ago at the worse wars on world history, The Cold War, fights with the fear of nuclear arms. The russian was been the firsts to launch a satellite in the space and stayed believe at least to organized it, also the austronaut are always present in program words. No is it the first launch that fall it, in the at lasts years. So to do it, risch to put in doubt also other instituion of country that of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the Mfti, the russian Mit. If we continous to talk about of aereospace, we don’t say no of Roscosmos and Mfti, and we’ll be continous to talk about it.

Future #WE can…

If we must say of future the first thing which come me in mind is it, if the beauty is alredy arriving with #WeMovement, then the future is uncertain with #HumanistMovement, but image you a future, where a movement that have prosperity in crisis time, now its find in civil contest, where the crisis is over, and the popolation is happy? Come on the time is now the revolution is started and now we want more. Is come the moment that a new generation show which their not less of old generation, and which old generation show that their no spike but a fire with burns. I’m ready and you?

The Invernal Olympic Games

Are the Invernal Olympic Games a robbery in confront of the Olimpy Games? Yes, i do. What can we compare a games that was born in 776 a.c. in Ancient Greek, with of the games not have, not even, in 1 century? The answer is easy, we can’t! Because the Invernal Games Olympic, basically based not only physical, not religious, like ancient greek. This manifestation is only competion. Mind you the competion there’re also in ancient greek but compared not there isn’t the cult for games. In Olympic Games there’re the legendary spirit that their partecipating, to grow up the cult of man, not of competion, or nations, partecipating grow up the ideology of one society that was based on culture and war. The spirit that is missing, its the spirit that growing up through the physical esercize, we grow up also in the mind. The modern Olympic Games we’ll can find this spirit, also if the money have corrutted, a little, the games, which i do free, but we not find this ideology and spirit in Invernal Olympic Games. Closed this name, and open the infinit wait of true Olympic Games.

Five hundred like in less of 24 ours…

I thank you for the 500 like in less of 24 ours, a true #record, i started to 8 eur and in the firsts six days i had max 82 like, now i ‘ve reached to 600 like and yet grow up , at two-digit of ours, if John Lennon had been the anvil for destroyd the wall, you have been the door which to allowed of relize a great dream. You help me to grow up and i work for you. Thank you very much!


John Lennon the first dreamer of the world

We talk about of John Lennon, the songer of peace, because john Lennon not is only the pacifist, but also a rappresentative of a generation, which his has contribuited to form, his has change the vision to see the war, his had been the first activiste of the humanity history, and his has the pacifist for excellence. What remeber us of John Lennon? An epoque that hippie that gave to a generation the possibility to dream, for the first time in history of world. Imagine, war is over.

Is Milano Wine Week not serious?

Why not good the #MilanoWineWeek? Admitted which i love Milan and i passed the better years of my life. But i’ll know what to do a city of Milan to organize an event without have the wineyaerds for to make the wine, without have companies for to sell wine and where is born the Happy Hour the half of the milan drink cocktail, not wine. I think that is most an event for to do spot on Milan and that be well understood, it don’t nothing of bad, but if it must damage the Vinitaly then is better cancel the manifestation. I so think it.

The classification best bar 2018

If there are something in #HumanistMovement, that we must recupereted, they are the Bar as there were in past epoque, as La belle epoque and La dolce vita.  Why? Because i Bar, the great Bar were pride of motivation of hangout between writers, poets, journalists, actors and scholars. In this contest are born La dolce vita, in this contests are born La belle epoque, and  is born the spik for great novels, poem, and great watergate on politics, and not in any Bar, but in great Bar. Now is out the classification on the best Bar of 2018 and there are the features photo, that can they the possibility of tell us if it’s worth it close in, lowers the portcullis, and write a nice book, or talk with your friends with a good martini bianco. Here link:


Why have can the gay a something extra?

Admitted which i’m not gay, but i have many gay friends, frequented a Milano times, among which two was Matteo and Gianfilippo, which they were room mates, and take me to know the gay world. What can say of gay? First that theme are very creative intelligence and they do nothing for hidden, you undestand also only see at you, but where speak theme, you understand a remarkable capacity of dialogue. Two are most friendly and not only among which for theme but also with who gay no is, as me. Three which they have to important work but they don’t tell never you, mostly at just a work with the collaborators, for not to be discriminated. In a globalized world is the time to do your value and i hope that the #HumanistMovement can be grow up your problem and your reality capacity.

Basic income guarantee

Why the basic income guarantee, is very interesting? I’ll say things very out of schemes. In the world there are thousounds of persons which don’t work not because they do not want work but because they want study, study, study, in the life. These are Millennials, and many are of the We Movement, they are all graduates but they live of ideal, and live of writing, and they belive which of writing and studying to can need live. And its for this question that the states must can providing to mantein of theme, for to mantein the theme intellectual propriety. And at least i pray with the new Humanistic Movement, araise, also of this question. This is mine think no we movement. #BasicIncomeGuarantee #WeMovement #HumanisticMovement

Why is open Città Studi?

Why is open Città Studi? Città Studi of Milan is interesting of restaling, just saying, because is in act, a projet for its emptying. Admitted that Città Studi of Milan mean in english City of Study and there are thousands of students and a name that mean it, for principle it doesn’t emptyng. But not only in the ten years is born e grow up a movement as We Movement, that its change the destinity of anyone us. I’m a one of them, instead of to emptying, i make it an istitution of Milan and rest of the world.

Today of more than yesterday. #SaveCittàStudi

Italian best lunch?

Italian best lunch?

Is neapolitan lunch, and i’m neapolitan, then i’m not biased.  But after the sixth plat i think at you. And also i dont know what was the italian best lunch, i think that it could not be the napolitan lunch. Because on balance you have eating two firts plats, pasta con il pesto, e maccheroni con il ragù, attention two second but well three seasonal outlines, like the polpette e salsiccie together and polpettone as a second of course and parmigiana, peperoni  and patate around to polpettone. And fine torta di mele and napolitan pastry and to close two glass of grappa trentina. Mmm! If also the lunch couldn’t like it, “at least it lunch have somethink to tell of childs”.

Tomorrow i tolk about of…I don’t know, you come tomorrow something find it.

Why Anne Wintour is praiseworthy?

Today leaves the Hippism and We Movement for to talk about of Anne Wintour, after the fashion show of Milano, because for who knowing her, and i have friends which knew her, she don’t have hairs on the tongue, with everyone. She stayed on Vogue at 30 years, because she much work, and she have the look all her on the mode, indipendent from the collaborators, which also are very good. And at least is a beautifull woman but no one say it.

Tomorrow we say of the italian lunch.


What expect us from hippy Movement?

What expect us from hippy Movement?
We expect us also that we have see in this period, in to famous hotbeds diffuse in all the world as mondanity, drawing rooms and same hotbeds mean its as interior genetic fire, otherwise as tell us of same Andrea Esposito.
But i think which it don’t stop only these aspects, because just saying is missing the cultural factor, if we know at least a little Andrea Esposito, we are sure which he don’t never trascured the culture, for the Movement that saying it hippy, that remeber us era as Reinassence. Than we aspect great culture in all the world.
Tomorrow we’ll say because the new hippy will be born of the track We Movement.

Why New Hippism?

Why new hippism tell us at Andrea Esposito overtake the We Movement?
Because Andrea Esposito fell it in air, and i which i’m italian, i know that he what mean it, for “fell it in air”, for his which born in Napoli.
He have good nose for affair, for woman and for political tattics, we don’t remember that other an actor and business man, he is also a great fenomenal activiste.
We what aspect from a Hippy Movement?
This i’ll tell you the next time. In a few days.