What do I did in this period?

What do I did in this period?

Hello, is to little time that I not wrote to post, but like I do it, I have doing to travel for discovery a little of my past, in that to passing my time to work movement, I had to understand like has change the word after We Movement, and between a travel to Milan and one in Valencia where I do as my cousins, I decide to going to over life. And after a short period to my housing, I’m left Naples, and now stayed in Milan in a hostel for one week, where I do experience, for to knowing to envairoment and enjoy to travel, and after I think to work in Valencia same’s, for six or seven months for to study a bit Spanish a to do one or two course of updating mostly of blog and writing. And to fine to going to Barcelona and living there. Where I reaserch to collaboration, but without sell or denaturalize the blog or my post. However to last time in Milan I do it…

This is the lifestory colonne, essence of being to last indiscretion. Thank you very much!


Dolce Vita or Belle Epoque?

Dolce Vita or Belle Epoque? If i can you the indiscretions that it arrived me, we will lose a one day for to tell. Yesterday had been a historic day for the history of this world, i have been in a hotel to Paris and i sent of all of plus. It has been done a very, really good work also in Rome. All hotbeds, mm.ss. and genes like you have sent it, they are dislocate in that cities, it had been a momumental work, the air is irrespirable to felicity, and rumors it sayd me that to Rome, doesnt not wolk it. There are in Rome, the neapolitan friends that after to stayed in via Veneto are to catch the train and are stayed also in Paris to finish the night. I personalment have been in hotel on telegram at to do me to tell the night in Paris. It tell many things on that night, as the fest in the house on Paris, from local full of people, from the writer ready to write anythings of that night, but it tell you which has been a night of revenge on the crisis, the night of exit crisis… If can you know to as insipired theme for this night on Paris, they sayd me to see a film the Midnight in Paris, of Woody Allen, and this is the indiscretion of post. Thank you very much! This is the lifestory.



After the climate strikes in that days, i don’t linger on that it, but on clime situation, that it is drammatic, milions of people stayed strikeing on clie not to now, but to more time. And only now we are become aware, due to the fact that they are the spontaneous strike not organized it, like rain popped out of nowhere, don’t been leader, don’t be organization. And this to do think that  the question to begining at to be a very worring for the people. So much that to bring forward spontanous strike… The manifestation was bring to youngs people, students for to plus, and there is to happened that more forward the manifestation become very bed, with get worsen of climate change. Let’s keep ready! The change is now! The indisrcetion of the post, the photos of Andrea Esposito are to Anonymous Art Revolution on facebook, page to in is it very appassioneted. Thank you very much. This is the lifestory.   


Movement for human rights

As you feel it, the Humanistic Movement is becoming in #MovementForHumanRights, and i joined him, after i meet theme. The question that is coming out, has been the credibility ours and of the former We Movement and the credibility of ours souls, we can’t to make booty but for we and yours(which follow us), we which change the world, and we understood that ours battles not enough, then we have deciding, to founder a new movement, with the three fondamental points. And i hope which you are with us. And i give you, an indiscretions now and also in forward, i have permissions, that the world most politicians personality, they have already steeped in forward, for an agreement with us.

Thank you very much! This is the lifestory.


Why have can the gay a something extra?

Admitted which i’m not gay, but i have many gay friends, frequented a Milano times, among which two was Matteo and Gianfilippo, which they were room mates, and take me to know the gay world. What can say of gay? First that theme are very creative intelligence and they do nothing for hidden, you undestand also only see at you, but where speak theme, you understand a remarkable capacity of dialogue. Two are most friendly and not only among which for theme but also with who gay no is, as me. Three which they have to important work but they don’t tell never you, mostly at just a work with the collaborators, for not to be discriminated. In a globalized world is the time to do your value and i hope that the #HumanistMovement can be grow up your problem and your reality capacity.