Carbonry statement

The Carboneria appears in the first papers in all the Orders. If previously it was known that it was a secret organization that fought through the use of paramilitary techniques, now we know that this organization born in the 19th century is increasingly becoming the Emperor’s staff. If before he used the East India Company to move and wage war with his ideological enemies, it has now been completely replaced with the passage of the East India Company to its Genoese ally. Not to forget that this organisation, from what can be seen from the papers, continued to fight and not just a few hours ago it was written in all the Aristocratic Circles it was called and signed with the name of Mafia, we’ll see! This is la Pure Alchimie, Thank you!

Don’t touch my limit

King of Wall Street (Royal collection) and Boss West Naples.

Mafia Core

Why can’t you stay outside a boss’s house for the codes of honour, because according to mafia rules, whoever comes from outside and does it anyway means they are accusing the other of not having complied with all the rules, then? Of having transgressed at least one of the stringent rules that the mafia has. According to some, therefore, it is not a coincidence that the Jewish or the Italian mafia clashed instead of in the street, right outside their temples, accusing each other of violated rules as presumed by the war carried out by a certain type of conspiratorial and speculative crime such as the Italian one and instead banking and finance such as the Jewish and Israeli one. I’m back! This is La Pure Alchimie! BLog-siTE.

Scandals in the Indian government

Why all these scandals in the Indian government? A few months ago I was in New Delhi passing through India I had to arrive in Tibet to make excursions with the Tibetan monks, but decided to confirm that the student movements of the last 12 years have not taken root Indian politics which has remained intact, hierontocratic as well as oligarchic all the while, I stopped for a while to think, so for two months, connected to the student movements during a blogging class at the University of Bangalore, I was able to make an appointment with the New Delhi Times, to find out if the Indian government had something to say about youth labor problem in India. But it was not so, the Times not very faithful to the war from Bangalore decided to help me from New Delphi but as written above. After two months of research with the students of the student movement and the journalists of the newspaper, we discovered that the Modì government systematically does not allow information rights to enter the constitutional charter they are reconstructing. And I, who found myself there determined to investigate their scandals, as reported above, I re-proposed with the help of Google reaserch, what the government would be like if it were normally, published in all foreign newspapers, a Berlusconi-like government, practically, with constitutional rights. Below what should be or will be published in the future, in Italian by my friends from Google Reaserch! In small, if you want you can contact me for the tests!


Hi guys, after a few weeks without writing I needed to update the site, by now reading has become mature and I needed to go back to the past a bit without canceling all the news that had been made in the last two years, so first of all I put back the name with which I had started the blogsite without losing its original imprint, which is that of being a blog, in addition I had to update the old management programs of the site because by now it had become a bit cumbersome, and risked a “lockdown” of the site. Lastly, I improved the design to make the site lighter and faster to load. However, the fact is that the site has gone back a little to the old style without losing its current polish, but unfortunately there have been some expenses, and I, if you want, have made available an email, on the study page to finance this expense. or to be able to finance them in the future, so as to always keep it as you know it now. I embrace you and greet you as always, thank you very much, these are also life stories.