This is the pillar of the lifestories.

Lifestory column

The blogsite is suitable for those who want to know the historical event of We Movement, of ours.

I'm an Italian guy

I'm Italian guy, activist former of We Movement, which to decide of open a lifestory site focusing in particular on We Movement. It’s meant for to write about to lifestory than write more.


Work in Valencia

I learned that after the last posts there is a news that Andrea Esposito has not included in his institutional profile, and what he called Virtual Valencia Forum consists in quotation marks in doing any Read more…


But do you know that the movement organized us reactionary uprisings in Valencia led by Andrea Esposito himself ??? Because according to him the movement had taken too much left in revolutionary circles, and to Read more…


Hey! I’m return, I no writing, this period because I think to look the time, no serious to write for to respect at moment. However the news are two, first that the movement is close Read more…


To 66′ years from his death, John Fitzgerald Kennedy is shown on exposure to Bologna, we look to images, what can say us? Which the Kennedy is other a great politic, that have stop the Read more…