What tell to Christmas? First that i have feast if also i’m not christian, for me is a family feast. Two that to Christmas i eat really, really too. And three that this is first Chritsmas into to me don’t gift said in neapolitan: “mutande e calztin”, viz underpants and socks :D, their gift me two plush, one gloves and one glass for beer. What i had to eat in Christmas? mmmm…I don’t no, i know only which it has a race of resistance, because is the tradition. We have begin to 15:00 and we have finish to 18:00…  We have been 14 and if i’ll know like end, i’ll staying to home at to do the bags for another planet. Ehehehe! However, oooh yes! My father has have in gift the calztin(socks), promptly give in gift to me…


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