Hello, I haven’t written for a while, private work kept me busy all day, and the overloaded site has been my only source of problems in the last few months, and I had to delete a post that had 10,000 comments. , and who have now become members of this blog, which I have never abounded as a blog site, despite what has been said about blogs for decades. My work went to hell very often, and a bit of my universe of professional knowledge and he did not advise me to abandon it to concentrate on my study, because what mattered was my work not what I called a passion . Unfortunately, however, these people did not know that this hobby had gradually become an essential passion of my life, as did the readers who gave me more pride every day for what I wrote and how I planned it. And so despite the hatred and mystifications, without ever thinking of leaving the site, today I decided to go back to writing a post, promising that in the future I will be much more explicit in informing you and writing my posts routinely. The site is still updating, I greet you with joy, Andrea.



Hi guys, after a few weeks without writing I needed to update the site, by now reading has become mature and I needed to go back to the past a bit without canceling all the news that had been made in the last two years, so first of all I put back the name with which I had started the blogsite without losing its original imprint, which is that of being a blog, in addition I had to update the old management programs of the site because by now it had become a bit cumbersome, and risked a “lockdown” of the site. Lastly, I improved the design to make the site lighter and faster to load. However, the fact is that the site has gone back a little to the old style without losing its current polish, but unfortunately there have been some expenses, and I, if you want, have made available an email, on the study page to finance this expense. or to be able to finance them in the future, so as to always keep it as you know it now. I embrace you and greet you as always, thank you very much, these are also life stories.

First friendly shopping street

Hey! You know, I’ve been writing more in the last few weeks. Anyway, I want you to know more about my work at the studio. I finished a project on a Barcelona road, where I decided to take a “friendly shopping street” on one of the most commercial streets in the world. All shoopping streets are for shopping but there are discos, bars or walks to do, but I with the help of the locals, to whom I asked to sign on the project I turned a street like Via Montenapoleone into a friendly social street, where when you go shopping you can also sit on a bench stop drinking , take a walk and above all to do conocences. And now I had the pleasure of making it up to you, it’s called “Paseo de Gracia” in Spain with the district committent partecipation’s. Thank you. This is the Creative Studio Raminghi, just for these times.

P.S .: Hey guy! However, communism is back, and guagiu ‘I hated it, I learned one thing, that you can become models even as a communist, they reinvented themselves within the Communist Party in Russia, a beautiful nobility, to create it work instead of giving it away practically as politicians have become technicians but above all and here comes the worst, not even knowing that it has become from popular and propaganda to something occult and “enlightened”.