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Circle for new media

Is true, on the new movement is decided which give news the circles for the media (T.i.l.p.a)

Fiefdoms Of Empire

In the meantime, in the silence of newspapers and TV, the Empire has extended its borders by expanding its organizational structure to the States and Regions that compose it, raising them to fiefdoms of the

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Empire Modern

After lapurealchimie affaire told how circles develop in states of law, the time has come to talk about Empires given the moment, Empires develop after the ‘Napoleonic period’ with the Freemasons born with the birth

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Things to clarify: the media include TV, newspapers and radio through publishing houses and media antennas, when they entered the Ancien Régime 15 years ago, they had the support of flows after 15 years of

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Vip Under Attack

As you know, the site has changed and has two more sections, one is luxury, the other is indiscretions, my agency Caffe Express, participated as the absolute protagonist in the resistance of the Star System

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Mafia Core

Why can’t you stay outside a boss’s house for the codes of honour, because according to mafia rules, whoever comes from outside and does it anyway means they are accusing the other of not having

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the blog!

The blog has had a dramatic drop in entries, the bandwidth has remained the same, and even the pages visited have not increased the number of visits. Despite everything, my news tells you who to

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Italy Imperialism

The ship Italy has embarked the Senate for this new imperialist adventure if before the policy was very careful to look at its propaganda new missions from irredentist flavor then something has really changed in

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Game Over

It is official Israel and its Jewish lobby have lost the war that in recent years have kept us glued to the monitor, and to the rumors that were circulating. They say that not even

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Vietnam Of Israel

A showdown has been fought in Africa, like the one we have heard about in recent months without the newspapers writing a word! Americans, Chinese, South Americans and Middle Easterners, yesterday, opened an escalation against

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Three Empire

When Napoleon fight the great yours war, his not think that in Africa in front of Ethiopia, South Africa, and Congo want to decide to command to masonry survive to discendets from Negus Ethiopia family,

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Jews Vs Neapolitan

There was a war between the highest hierarchies of the European and American establishment, which involved different sides and saw Jews against Neapolitans, in the same categories, another war had already been fought between the

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What does it mean to be a hipster without wanting to know where they come from?As you know I have already written an article on the new forms of political belonging! Yesterday represented by the

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After the climate strikes in that days, i don’t linger on that it, but on clime situation, that it is drammatic, milions of people stayed strikeing on clie not to now, but to more time.

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Magic Giglio…

We laugh a little, we talk about of italians! I’m italian and i don’t know if you remeber the story of the Giglio, to me reinterpeter as Magic Giglio, the cruise ship did strike against

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The New Site

I change the site with new foto and new theme, as it like me. New site, old writing. It change the site, no himself.

This is Love…

This lyric of song has been the soundtrack of Andrea Esposito in the We Movement… Ask you! This is love…

If have you questions?

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