Hello, I haven’t written for a while, private work kept me busy all day, and the overloaded site has been my only source of problems in the last few months, and I had to delete a post that had 10,000 comments. , and who have now become members of this blog, which I have never abounded as a blog site, despite what has been said about blogs for decades. My work went to hell very often, and a bit of my universe of professional knowledge and he did not advise me to abandon it to concentrate on my study, because what mattered was my work not what I called a passion . Unfortunately, however, these people did not know that this hobby had gradually become an essential passion of my life, as did the readers who gave me more pride every day for what I wrote and how I planned it. And so despite the hatred and mystifications, without ever thinking of leaving the site, today I decided to go back to writing a post, promising that in the future I will be much more explicit in informing you and writing my posts routinely. The site is still updating, I greet you with joy, Andrea.