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Ehi! Ehi! In holiday!

Hello! I stayed in holiday, with my mother, i’leave my city of Naples, two or tree days ago, and after five hours of train now to two days ago, i’m stayed in Milan, where between to a rumble and another, i walking Milan, where you already know, I’have doing an exursus on my experience to Milan during the beginning of We Movement at Milan,  (where i had a classmate of all initial members of We Movement and this is the post indiscretion personal of the day) and also first of We Movement where, i trasfert it for studying, on University State of Milan. An a period very happy which I have mode to remember and forget as they have do all boys and girls of We Movement, for to open a new period of theme life, but nothing never leave! I think to stayed in Milan another two or tree days for after go parted in Marsiglia, after Barcellona and in fine to Valencia, and its … .

Thank you very much, this is the lifestory.