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Empire Ancient of Babylon

Guys it has almost been said that the people who love the Emperor have asked Freemasonry to give the name Ancient Empire to his Empire as the final name, it is not known whether now or in 7 years, as you know one of the many nicknames given to ‘Roman Empire and the Holy and Roman Empire. They say the great beginning of the Emperor’s unfulfilled dream was deserved after he redid the flows for the third time at work. Legend has it that the Empire draws its origins and inspirations from the Empire of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon, even if as already happened with other legends and mythologies that are repeated, it is the fruit and testament of redemption and sin of every war and therefore religion of every Empire born to exist and then die like probably this one here and also the one already mentioned Empires of Charlemagne, Alexander the Great and therefore also the Roman one. This is lapurealchimie friends, also the Life-story colonne.