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Empire Modern

After lapurealchimie affaire told how circles develop in states of law, the time has come to talk about Empires given the moment, Empires develop after the ‘Napoleonic period’ with the Freemasons born with the birth of the Enlightenment to bring the Directed by France to develop in all states through the control of the markets that at the beginning of the French Revolution were ‘apples and fodder’ until arriving in recent times with the Movement for technological products of Silicon Valley and Palo Alto. The Empires are therefore chosen by Freemasonry but those who carry out their requests are the Nobles who take over the reins with the Directory, which serves precisely ‘to develop the market economy’ in the country hosting the Empire. While this is not the only role of Freemasonry, it is still worth remembering. lapurealchimie.