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Game Over

It is official Israel and its Jewish lobby have lost the war that in recent years have kept us glued to the monitor, and to the rumors that were circulating. They say that not even the State of Israel is destined to save itself. The final wars waged in recent days have convinced the Jews and Israelis to withdraw, the rumors that are running around in the newspapers these days, of future elections called by Benjamin Bennett, convince us even more that this is the case. Never before have the silences of AIPAC and those of the United States foreshadowed a possible revenge against Israel’s enemies. With the closure of hostilities, and the opening of new international scenarios, we can only hope that the movements that in recent years have been keen to give us representation even among the youngest, can continue to do so in other official offices, including those of NGOs and the United Nations. Let’s pray! Also this is life story pillar. Thank!