What does it mean to be a hipster without wanting to know where they come from?As you know I have already written an article on the new forms of political belonging! Yesterday represented by the club of your home county and today it has become a real political exhibition. Wanting to hide any form of my political affiliation, and joking with hipsters without wanting to deny my story. Yes, every hipsters have an idea of ??its meaning. But without meaning and without relevance to current reality. Today, hipster is undoubtedly a new belonging to new ideologies and therefore difficult to frame in a globalist and international such as this one that frames everything that has won since at least the post-war period in a precise sociological union and confindustria context. The hipster in this context takes place in a sector that everyone is talking about but and everyone wants to know about START-UP. If the hippies were the engineers of Silicon Valley, they are the so-called entrepreneurs of Palo Alto STARTUPPER! In an institutional context in which you would like to identify them, they are d ecologists and alternative but very similar to a right that is always emerging like those that could be those of Boris Johnson, Sarkozy, or Matteo Renzi della Leopolda and his foundation for the most politically aligned generations. In fact, their forms of politicization pass in the shoes of young people who love participation but never get involved in the hooks of institutions. Having said that we conclude by summarizing them in a nice alternative alongside hipsters or hippies, of which we can find great representations that expressed in the people which continue their initiatives in representatives such as Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, actors Shia Labeouf and singer Bruno Mars and I, but only you can do. Also this Is the lifestory column. Thank you very much!