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Hooligan, Ultras, Sporting Fun, and Then?

What do you want to call them, if you do not mince words and think that I am still pure chemistry and I write all attached; then we want to say something! In the 1990s the ultras, hooligans or fun were not the same as they are now. Society has changed, cities have changed, politics has changed, but what about the ultras? Yes, they too have changed but not like us … Currently in a hyperastronomic future, everything that changes is the only thing that changes, the rest follows in the wake. And the ultras who are part of this world make no difference, they too have made a trail, changing without following the trail of anyone else. From the 1980s to now, the ultras no longer seem the same social movement, even changing its name to the universal ultras, which for a movement born in England from children of Ireland was not at all easy. At the moment the movement is in good health, it has not remained to watch the movements to come, nor has it been in the past years, as we all know, it has sided with any movement in existence, in progress and in circulation, has not given up on being always ideally violent but changed his face in the various vicissitudes that have alternated, supporting from time to time, the battles they had from time to time, found it easy to catch sight of their ideological grievances. With this done, today being an ultras, is no longer accused of extremism by everyone, the movement is perceived as a democratic vulnus, which has now found its directional arrow, and whose attitudes still have something of relevance to democracy but not to violence for pure stance. So we just have to ask ourselves a question, what is the next move of the movement? Staying of the same opinion until now, no longer demonstrates the same durability, even a movement like yours needs to change, despite the old leaders in prison or thrown out. Changing face has its beautiful reference but sooner or later it must change into something new, otherwise what has already happened to other violent movements like yours is close, or the end or another beginning, but this time we have Nazism and Stalinism already had, and the political option on the horizon of your experiences now seems too late! Let us know! We are ready to write it! Also this is lifestory pillar! Thank you very much!