How does it become Siteblog?

How to become La Pure Alchimie, but above all because we are not like the newspapers but like the Pulitzer! Cit. Huffington.

Fortunately, before I joined the studio I was already an established professional, my passion for blogging despite working with newspapers and journalists, did not stop me from working to train Blogger Studios! So I set out to find out why after 20, bloggers were failing but above all because they were unable to become sources for information!Thus he discovered that the real problem to be mentioned was the new technologies where they were born! If on the one hand they had invented them, on the other they were killing them! So I asked the only question after a few days that had to be done without revealing the cards! What is the biggest problem you encounter every day? The answer was straightforward: Spam! Thus it was that the problem was put to harvest a little at a time, up to La Pure Alchimie, up to the invention of the Studios, the Records, the producers of online content, the SITEBLOG !!! And since then, as you know, I did it too! Below a caption of how I managed to beat spam! In Italian for the occasion! :