In a globalized world, what does it mean to be a fascist or an anarchist

From the latest papers that I have found, I had the pleasure of discovering what globalization means without involving politics. Among the many deductions that can be deduced (under the sheet)the first discovery is that the communist and capitalist periods are still in the process of self-research to say that communism is dead, as is fascism. Both ideologies are not yet structured enough to be defined free, from any extremist heritage, of that origin. In the past we have seen very little ideologies and it is difficult to understand when they were born in order to be able to define it as a temporal cultural heritage. That you remember only at the time of the Roman Republic there was talk of political alignments and then the scrutiny could only tell you if you were a good Optimate or a good Populares, then you know how it ended! So if you want to make a definition of rebirth or enlightenment involvement, you should understand if possible to get rid of an ideology such as communism that had among its intellectual and revolutionary ideologists such as Carl Marx and Lenin perhaps before considering any intellectual breakdown of the last century perhaps we should start involving more personalities of this caliber before thinking that we can do without it to emerge from the limbo in which we have immersed ourselves. This is also the story of life. Thank you very much!