Initiation: Free massonery!

As wrote the italian massonic lodge order in it site online; The lodge Is and metafisic site with nobody presents. Then going to lodge Is not impossible but without a latent policy to assimilation at free massonery it’s not easly become massons. The first action for enter Is to remember that you ll’ bring a satisfaction power immanent. And once site table regime is fully complete, you can being start initiation. Here you put the finger on the table with a esoteric rite the everybody other component of log and to look who is the genomy best of group. After the winner is grand father of log between this point after at other affiliationes of group component’s. The asking the not can fare Is who Is the leadership here? Is always a mistake that I ll’ not doing! Thank you very much, also this Is the La Pure Alchimie, Socialité.