It’s official

It’s official, La Pure Alchimie or the ramingo, like the people call me, after the two travel in three months, has decide of remain in Spain, in Valencia, at opens a studio. After that i take the train, to Naples at Milan, to have stayed in a hostel for an one week, traveled in bus until to Marsiglia, being in hotel of the station train for 3 nights, when instead a bus which to going to Barcellona, i went in Barcellona, and from there, went in definitely to Valencia. In Valencia i find a home, and after a little time i have decide of open a studio. My studio is consultancy, take care it, at consumer goods, communication. The name likely, you have understood what is it, there are the name on the homepage, anyway thank you, see you next time, also today we closed with: this is lifestory colonne, thank you very much!