Jews Vs Neapolitan

There was a war between the highest hierarchies of the European and American establishment, which involved different sides and saw Jews against Neapolitans, in the same categories, another war had already been fought between the Jewish student movements against the Italians, but this time the war has grown above all by involving any position of power. The Jews played at home with Israel on their side and the Neapolitans did the same with Napoli. The entire war played out in New York ended up being fought with the Neapolitans in Israel, who used planes and trains to keep up with the Jews in Jerusalem. This war that also saw the clergy of both sides take to the field, even under economic and cultural nuances, with the Neapolitans who won the best titles in the world representing their studies, in America and then New York, the Jews who started with vigorous advantage were overwhelmed by the strength and reputation of the Neapolitan studios. By giving the discovery a novelty, the studios, however little known, can truly beat any New York City banker. The struggle has passed more through politics where the Neapolitans have had an easy life with the many mayors that New York has had in recent years despite the municipality of Mayor Bloomberg, (remember that the mayor of New York is Bill De Blasio of Beneventano of origin near Naples) The battle that lasted a few weeks saw the Neapolitans overcome any claim of superiority of the leadership by dynastic or birth only, as only environmental factor and speaking of the climate of these times, the Jews, I say that as a Neapolitan are not the best than any imperialist victory Perhaps it was better to play with our Italian compatriots before making decisions that could have involved any hierarchy of state that could have really put us in difficult conditions. Thanks so much! This is also the life story column.