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Like Andrea Esposito the La pure alchimie

It’s ufficial to Andrea Esposito like the La pure alchime, already i know that A.E. follow me but i don’t tell you for don’t brag because in the We Movement that things don’t exist, but when i see the La pure alchimie in fan page of profile to A.E. i’m a pride, because it had sayd which i action well. One case for which i don’t write in this days is own this, i have think that i can repose, if A.E. have me give this “spot”, and i don’t have much money to available, i think that i can to stay in relax, mostly before of to going in Milan, but now we sayd of question of day, the fan page in A.E. profile are old how the born of his profile, but are grow a little a time with time, but he think that was public but when he discovery which don’t public, he made public immediately not for vanity but for to do know better his, no to been to mass media. And this is also the indiscretion for the post. Thank you very much. This is the lifestory.

This is the new foto of A.E. with his concession.