Magic Giglio…

We laugh a little, we talk about of italians! I’m italian and i don’t know if you remeber the story of the Giglio, to me reinterpeter as Magic Giglio, the cruise ship did strike against a rock. Much talk about of the great shitty figure at to time a Titanic, and it was do to italians :D, but don’t there is much to laugh for the europeans, which were the firsts to laugh of this tragedy in which death many people, because in this tragedy of course in other nations it tighten up their, it closed in the dolor, in Europe then there’s a hunt of italians, not that not need was, but as not to make laught to arab, chinese, and americans, that when happen to their tragedy not premise to tell nothing of other nations… And this talk about long on level of democrazy of the old establishment to outside of former We Movement or now Humanistic Movement, also in Europe.

Thank you very much, this is the lifestory.