Hi, like you see, I changed biography on my site-blog, I no write on myself, and now I want tell you to my life. My name is Andrea in italian, and my surname is Caracciolo, I have 36’yr made yesterday. I leave to Valencia, to almost two years and if you have understood, I’m adviser to management firm that beetwen I’m the enterpriser. My works are knowking all word. I worked at business men, artist, and politician, leader in every part of world as emirs, stylist, and mayor of metropolitan city. I get plus money to my firm that signing me cheks. I’m firmatory of new council of cooperation of gulf persic, firmatory of new Milan fashion distric, new Barcelona fashion week, of the new allocation of portual system of Italian, and at last of re-staling and modernitazion of all code present and to gone on the network to Palo Alto. Now I do working on project for the borning star quarter in New York, as borough to Harlem, is it the Italian Harlem, and i do like to development to strategics sector of italian black establishment in Hollywood, on to insert in famous boroughs of New York like Brooklyn, Bronx and Queen’s, a quartier few understood or know as the other and to construction of a sector of development and job to real estate in cities of Brasil, longer the advanced development of a great financial center in Mexico at Capitol City of Mexico. Of most i have a blog, my personal e fashionist blog for all around world, planets and universe. Oh yeah! Bye bye men, Thank you very much, this is also the lifestoy blog.