Oh! C.C. Miami!

Pure Alchimie goes back to ancient times to tell you a story of a few hours ago, A.E. arrived in Miami in the early afternoon, went into a bar, had a coffee, in front of there was a Superenalotto betting shop, took a coupon, went back to the bar, put the coupon on the table, the controlled smoking a rolled cigarette, then the shot and said the watermark is not good, he got up from the table, took the ticket with him, walked all the way down the street, crossed without seeing the traffic lights and the cars, showed the ticket to the cars in passing he stopped in the middle of the road where the intersection is, he took the ticket he rolled it up to show it maybe we will never know, then he changed his mind and he took it and started tearing it again one piece at a time until he started crossing again and threw the papers in the garbage, and left. I know you’re asking, he was in the jewish neighborhood of Miami Beach.