Over 100.000 in 7 months and this Modernity…

I don’t writing to other 1 month, because i arrived to 100.000 followers in less of seven mounths and then i deciding to recover of followers numbers, and now after to have recover i have decide to celebrate my result with you, with this post. I say you, thank you very much, and i sayd you which i’m in preparation to leave Naples and i go to Milan in june or also before, and i say you another indiscretion that with We Movement to Milan is born the new period: The modernity of Milan, and the merit is all of We Movement and all movement borns with this movement, that is destroyd the ancient political regimes, and i will go for to do in mode that this modernity, it can prosperity for all. I don’t hiding which i go also for job, because to Naples i’m no works. Thank you very much! This is the life stories.