Work in Valencia

I learned that after the last posts there is a news that Andrea Esposito has not included in his institutional profile, and what he called Virtual Valencia Forum consists in quotation marks in doing any

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But do you know that the movement organized us reactionary uprisings in Valencia led by Andrea Esposito himself ??? Because according to him the movement had taken too much left in revolutionary circles, and to

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Hey! I’m return, I no writing, this period because I think to look the time, no serious to write for to respect at moment. However the news are two, first that the movement is close

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It’s official

It’s official, La Pure Alchimie or the ramingo, like the people call me, after the two travel in three months, has decide of remain in Spain, in Valencia, at opens a studio. After that i

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To 66′ years from his death, John Fitzgerald Kennedy is shown on exposure to Bologna, we look to images, what can say us? Which the Kennedy is other a great politic, that have stop the

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After the climate strikes in that days, i don’t linger on that it, but on clime situation, that it is drammatic, milions of people stayed strikeing on clie not to now, but to more time.

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Magic Giglio…

We laugh a little, we talk about of italians! I’m italian and i don’t know if you remeber the story of the Giglio, to me reinterpeter as Magic Giglio, the cruise ship did strike against

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The New Site

I change the site with new foto and new theme, as it like me. New site, old writing. It change the site, no himself.

This is Love…

This lyric of song has been the soundtrack of Andrea Esposito in the We Movement… Ask you! This is love…

If have you questions?

If have you questions? Ask me! I can disponible to any query… Here the link:

Elon Musk

Today we tell of Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk is typical genius ingegnery controverse, is founder first the company as Pay Pal, after not happy, is founder also the most company of

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I want you which i stayed united to Volt, that is a international party, but not aggregated at a old party, but new associate, modern and innovative. When i stayed loose time at organized with

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Of course…

In the Dolomiti in Italy as will can in any part of the world, is happened a natural catastrofy: Destroy woods, people without water and elettricity, river flooded. It not was a good head for

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The past Halloween

Why Halloween don’t can be cosidered alone a feast. Halloween for anotnomastic is horror feast and his rappresentant, we undervalue is Jack O’Lantern viz the famous head of pumpkin, you don’t know which head of

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Love of life

In parallel universe if all it was falling, there would be a God which help us, if we knowed everithing that there would be in universe in which Gods and nature, we know which there

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War zoo

Why call i war zoo, all zoo in the world? Every zoo in the world, it should be a childs which to look animals not corpses. There is not a zoo that to respect this

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