The native

In Brasil the governament had deciding to leave a native at your destinity. This for development agricolture instead enviroment with the green lung largest in the world. For devolpment production instead that human capital as

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Brexin? Oh yeah!

Why United Kingdom will stayed in European Union? Because the globalized world we don’t ask to a part of us of rest to outside. Rather i think that it ‘ll can a Asian Union, North America

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Who wants racism?

Someday in Germany to Berlin, there was a manifestation againist the racism and discrimination. The manifestation its dichiereted it for open society and free. Now in Germany there are milion of foreigns, and at least

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Stephen Hawking…

Is dead to leaving an study, then he don’t dead but only reinassence, like are reinassence many genius of the past, where it was discovered, your hidden life or hidden private think,  his unfortunately couldn’t

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One Thousand!

Like to write this morning, where i have received 500 like, i thank you, but i yet thank you for the 1000 like in less than half a day, now which you have rewared mine,

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