Something special

You remember which I stayed in Milan something days ago, after I’ have going in Genova and theme I stayed other two o three days, in to I look the city always my mother, to tell that Genova seem Napoli; It has the same historical center but to different Napoli is that to at Genova the center is living to wealthy instead to Napoli the historical part is living to popular people including the famous “mariuoli”, little thieves where there the young boy which to put the brik in the pack, the famous “pacco” that is other that fraud, however the walk in Genova is been pleasurable. After with boat I stayed in Barcelona and also here I’m to doing to another three or four days to spend my time at to walk and look the city, where I’have to do mode of to think my 10’s at to work the We Movement, and I must say which the these days, it give me mode to think that my 10’s years are be very intensive and also I have no can, to going in travel or to pass my time with my old friends or to going out at drink beer, and you believe me is difficulty and heave, it has to do to all leave for to dedicating soul and body at cause. It’s heave to fine of my travel to Barcelona, if I must had to come back, I no renounce nothing of these I do, and nay I’ll do another yet and yet once again, however I stay in Valencia, at almost a week and I stay with my cousins to do binge, meanwhile the Indignados have become We Movement to that they had an affiliation (indiscretion of article) and but between somedays I leave to Valencia and going to Madrid and … . Thank you very much this is the lifestory.


Eh, eh, eh… .