Sorry for waiting

Sorry! It’s a little time that i don’t wrote on my blog, but after last post and indiscretion i much had a very congratulation, request and wish of to know, my life and activity in #WeMovement, then i had a period of stop also for reason of holidays, into i decide after a one year of work of to think, what i had in this period, to make a report of my life, after WeMovement and also after my job in finance. And i must say that my period with growh and down has been very goodly and fast. After the my good experience in finance, however where i had way understanding, which it don’t to do for me at to full-time and it suspend me, i understand which in this time this period and this activity i stay very well. And then i decide to continuoes, yet. And also i had to find another job.

Thank you very much! And also this, it’s the lifestory.