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The mountain and men

Say what of two alpinists death in Pakistan in that days? I’m not alpinist and i don’t much know of mountain climber, but an opinion i do it. The risk of life, the battle with himself when the cool arrived in more diffucult moments, the continous battles with the mountain, this challange with the mountain and versus himself and mountain, not is like to challange God, as it may seem, the mountain that rappresented the God, the cool of the wrath of God against the alpinist which he tried to challange him, the climb of the force of men aganist the God wrath. All that will do to think, at an eternal battle of good and bed, of the eternal battle for to exit of river force of the difficulty of the life, however what and who will think to aganist the severe wather of nature. But it is just in this moment which tha man nature it riveals and reveals himself and to man, which the eternal battle not is a fights with God or nature, but reveals that that battle is fights with himself, the discover if mountian exist or not exist, and rappresented us, that infinity capacity of men to exit from of tunnel and reveals himself the existence itself of life, God and when mountain. The indiscretion of post, Andrea Esposito don’t love the mountain, he not is the man of sea , he is art-tourist of city. Thank you very much. This is the lifestory.