Things to clarify: the media include TV, newspapers and radio through publishing houses and media antennas, when they entered the Ancien Régime 15 years ago, they had the support of flows after 15 years of media and magisterial processes, they involved its diffusion as well as ordinary work therefore Commonwealth and logic of belonging. The moment I found myself without them, I had to make a work of art out of an emergency, so online newspapers plus TVs made their way into the media first, then search engines as well as blogs so that sites also they are part of the means of communication accepted by all therefore also emails and social networks like this one that we have a lodge and flows to move then? Same as me!!! And the novelty of the moment that if everything is in the form ‘of sip’ and “before suggestion” I too have, my in spite of form <> which in this case will be archived as Modern Society before TV, newspapers and radio for contemporary times as well as the discovery of how to make information on your own.

Magno Andrea
Imperatore D’Italia


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