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What closing the 2018?

What closing the 2018? The 2018 was been a year of full emotion and like we say to Naples of tarantelle(actions) but not only. We are closed the #WeMovement, almost ufficially, and the most of us, we have undertook other way, like me the blog, another are to do the same, but not for this leave our not friendly. The Movement like already sayd to same us, was movimentist and once time to exit to crisis, it had lose the its to be reason. This not should be a fine of dreams, but only the way for another dream like the Humanistic Movement. The last day of year i passeted to home to alone, and this have give the possibility of to think that if the We Movement leave something that this something are us and Humanistic Movement. Thank you very much! Happy new year!

It’s a only spark:

orange spark
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