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What to say of strike in may 1?

What say of strike in may 1? We sayd which the are in drop, the may 1, it’s a feast of labour, and then the strike is like had a course different at as we have see in this mounths, if we sayd that the strike are yet important, it difficult to sayd, because before of every strike, there is a forever a reason, and then the strike they will never end, but they don’t organized, they are spontaneous, as the 1 may. However the period of events, as we have in the last 10, 12 years is finish, with We Movement, follow different event strike, but before they born a new events, it will need to wait a new crisis, with like learn the history, and if there is a thing which, we are understand, it is the crisis they don’t finish and they always return. Because is only so that they born a new culture, a new ideology, a new thinks, and with a class dirigent corrupt, they will be forever the new generation which they want to be rappresented, it givin bird a new movement and new leader. Meantime i find a job in facebook with Instant articles, and as soon as i can going in Milan to work, where is there the Modernity of Milan, and there, he will be also Andrea Esposito, and this is the indiscretion of post. Thank you very much! This is the lifestory.