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Work in progress 2nd day!

Come on guys! La Pure Alchimie, stay being below, it is become a bit the superhero of the blogs. La Pure Alchimie have un hard core of the readers in all of the world, La Pure Alchimie really have appassionate readers from every corner of the planet. United States 1/3 of the following, China, Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Singapore, with the Usa with following of the third, 1/3 of the others. Just yesterday, La Pure Alchimie the site have registred of the 3236 visit on homepage, with 87 page read, at show that the new design is very intrigued and passionate. Still the work is progress, welcome in the new era of La Pure Alchimie. Thai is the blog! Also this is a lapurealchimie.