Work in Valencia

I learned that after the last posts there is a news that Andrea Esposito has not included in his institutional profile, and what he called Virtual Valencia Forum consists in quotation marks in doing any working Freemasonry in the world, you can start by doing that of the dishwasher up to the UN ambassador, where you can update any knowledge currently in any existing work sector, and know the degrees of work and the existing freemasonry to do, the freemasonery is located in some strategic squares of the city but to be able to use it you must at least being a resident of Valencia city, and this gives you the opportunity to be more competitive on any existing market, that I know of, the management is in the hands of the Valencian Generalitat and the municipality of Valencia, however to learn more you do not need to do anything else become citizens of Valencia. We can however say in closing that Valencia has become the Renaissance Florence of work, thanks also to the others, as you well know, projects already completed in the city of Valencia, already described on the profile of A.E. . This is the lifestory columns. Thank you very much!


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