What do I did in this period?

Hello, is to little time that I not wrote to post, but like I do it, I have doing to travel for discovery a little of my past, in that to passing my time to work movement, I had to understand like has change the word after We Movement, and between a travel to Milan and one in Valencia where I do as my cousins, I decide to going to over life. And after a short period to my housing, I’m left Naples, and now stayed in Milan in a hostel for one week, where I do experience, for to knowing to envairoment and enjoy to travel, and after I think to work in Valencia same’s, for six or seven months for to study a bit Spanish a to do one or two course of updating mostly of blog and writing. And to fine to going to Barcelona and living there. Where I reaserch to collaboration, but without sell or denaturalize the blog or my post. However to last time in Milan I do it…

This is the lifestory colonne, essence of being to last indiscretion. Thank you very much!



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