I’m Andrea of Tudor now, from italian boy ’85, born to Naples, I started the blogsite, after 10 years, after winning a patent, I worked as a world business specialist in Naples and once I accumulated a certain amount of currency, I then bought an investment bank in New York based in Europe, my story has inspired the writing of several books inspired by me and thousands of guys who turned to me to know my fortune, in the meantime given my youth I worked with all movements founded and carried forward by student movements until the end until the last milestone; Until today I decided to pull the plug with the old or current maenstream a bit? In which everyone would like us, conformed to the same prevailing mentality, in which you are better than others only if you make money and have a beautiful woman by your side. I decided to change my life a bit by opening a blog, where I have been writing and not working on the old one for almost two years and after the success of the blog, I decided to open a consulting firm; by giving up my business, this unlike before did not make me rich, but made me the guardian of so many knowledge and secrets in the world that were previously excluded from me, giving me superior satisfactions in life that made me understand that money is not everything in life and still given me a new way of living, without leaving my blog. Thanks to ¬†those who follow me and continue to follow me. Thank you…sooooh much!


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