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My name is Ajello Stuart, I am an Italian-American boy of  New York. I opening the site-blog, after having filed several patents for 10 years without finding a job, then with the accumulated money I worked as a business specialist in my city for some time, once I had accumulated a certain amount of money, I became a top manager for a bank in New York with my fund in New York, my story inspired the writing of several books, thousands of guys came to me to know my fortune, in the meantime, given my youth, I collaborated with all the movements founded first, and then, and I participated in the student movements until the end, until the last milestone on my part; Until recently I had not yet decided to unplug a little from my old or current meanstream, in which everyone would like us, conforming to the same dominant mentality, in which one is better than the other only if he is rich, has a nice woman and a beautiful house. So I decided to change my life a bit by opening this blog site, where I write alone and after not having worked for almost two years, then revitalized by this choice, I decided to return to the field another time, I went back to New York, I opened a Circle where we talk about careers in the Big Apple. I then transformed my old Studio into a company the CREATIVE STUDIO RAMINGHI and I moved for a while to Milan, I opening an agency in Hong Kong where financial information is provided for the Hong Kong stock exchange, ending with the birth of the app. I created a platform that summarizes in a single application all the information and links you need to keep up to date on all the services offered by the publishing house which I then sold to expand with the Studio, founded posthumously to the site-blog, including the organization of exclusive events. Keep following us. A thousand thanks! If you want to contribute to the site which is free, here is the link which is the same as The One Above Also On WhatsApp.