Top view of laptop and hot coffee in bed with soft sunlight in the morning.

I’m Don Ajello now, as an neapolitan boy ’85, born in Naples, I opened the Blogsite, after 10 years, after having filed several patents, I worked as an international business specialist in my city Naples and once accumulated a certain amount of money, I then bought an investment bank in New York based in Europe, my story inspired the writing of several books and a telefim inspired by my story, thousands of kids have come to me to know my luck, in the meantime, given my youth, I collaborated with all the movements founded before now and then carried on the student movements until the end, until the last milestone for my part; Until recently, I had still decided to unplug a bit from my old or current maenstream, in which everyone would like us, conforming to the same dominant mentality, in which one is better than others only if one earns and has a beautiful woman and a beautiful house. So I decided to change my life a bit by opening a blog site, where I still write and hadn’t worked on my old job for almost two years, then revitalized by this choice, I decided to return to the field another time, I’m back in New York, I decided to return the check to the shareholders, and there where I was still a director, I decided to take back the whole insurance package, re-transforming my bank into an insurance company again, I had decided that I kept the blog and I therefore decided that I continue to write as you like it as I like it, as if every article was possessed by a devil, if it was not worth being written, to be read, to be lived, the hell would have won my soul before I could. You know the truth if you continue to follow me, if you belong to the Movement, you are not like them, you are the goal. We have kept both of us and so would you or will you if you are of the Movement. Thank you for everything, really thank you, thank you very much!