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My name is Ajello L. Tudor an Italian-american guy from California in Sacramento. I open the website-blog, after having I worked for some time as a lifeguard in beach-California, once I accumulated a certain amount of money, I left for New York City, here I became manager of a big bank, after short experiens in Queens to work as a dishwasher, and delivery man and salesman. My story inspired the writing of several books, thousands of guys came to me to know my fortune. In the meantime, given my youth, I collaborated with some student movements, and still collaborate; Until recently I decide to refuse the old meanstream that if one is rich, has a nice woman and a beautiful house is better. Such I decided to change my life a bit by opening this blogsite, where I write alone and after almost three years of inactivity, then revitalized by this choice, I decided to return to the field another time, I returned to New York City , I open a Circle where we talk about Careers in the Big Apple, transformed my old Firm into a Creative Public Affairs with Studio Creative Raminghi and extend it with in agency skill in Show and Star System, with branch of Worldly Events, concluding with the newbirth of my App, a platform that summarizes in a single application all the information and links necessary to keep up to date on all the services offered from our corporate office. Keep following us. Thank you very much! If you want to contribute to our forum or our initiatives, you can find the download for the app and the codes at the Officina(in Italian): http://www.appcreator24.com/app1775062-4e2i5c